Facilitating your

student flow management

We give you creative solutions on the basis of surprising analysis.


You will profit from our deep knowledge on what is actually happening when teaching takes place. We look at your students, your teachers, your organisation, the regulations, the performance rates, and everything else that is working – and contra-working – in your educational institute.


We will do whatever it takes to make your educational institute able for the best possible performance.


Drop out prevention

Nothing more important than to keep your students working, and happy, once they have arrived. But how? They will get demotivated, they will regret their choice of study, they will underperform and they will back off, sometimes up to 50% of your influx.

Interim student and academic counselling

Students are just like everyone else. Sometimes they are not feeling well, there are medical issues, psychological problems, or problems at home. These students need advice on how to manage their situation. Your counselling department can take care of that, but unfortunately, sometimes they are lacking time. The workload is too high, or they face problems in handling peak loads during the academic year.

Graduation Performance

The masterproof. Your student shows what he/she has learned. Your teacher(s) manage(s) to get the best out of this student. They all deliver, and in time. They all do honour to your educational institute. That is what graduation can be. Or can it?

Teacher Support Services

Your students are learning, and so are your teachers. But who will teach your teachers? And to be honest: do they always feel motivated to be teached?

Influx control and selection

The best and most motivated students, and in the right amounts, that is what every educational institute wants. Of course. But how to get them? And not get the ones that are not suitable?

Motivation Enhancement

Get the best out of every student. Easier said than done, because nothing is more personal than good motivation. So how can you generally implement such a personal and individual matter in your education?

Topic anchoring

Special topics like studying with a disability or RSI, dealing with parents, shortening teacher’s marking periods, handling student crisis, etc. are not at all easy to anchor in your organisation. Your teachers do not label this kind of topic as first priority, and fitting them rightly into the regulations might be tricky anyway.

What motivates you, your students and your teachers?

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Quantitative and qualitative

student flow analysis

In your organisation quite some information on your student flow is available, sometimes deeply hidden, and usually a lot more than you expect.

We will find this information for you – and believe us, we will be looking  in unexpected places. We will analyse it for you, define working mechanisms, and creative solutions will arise. You shall be surprised.

Curriculum design

How your students perform greatly depends on the design of you curriculum: the better the design, the better the individual learning curve of your students. Of course you know this very well, and you will have quite some ideas as to where redesign should be applied.

We will take care of this redesign, and before you know, not only your students but also your teachers will be happier workers.

Vision development

Nothing more helpful than a little vision every now and then. Because we are convinced that a good vision will  guide your way to a good solution. But when, why, who, and how?

We will support you in sorting out why your problem is the problem, and why previous solutions haven’t worked out. Probably the right problem is not the initial problem. We will help you by using vision-thinking and vision-talking, with the right people at the right time, and about the right subjects. And you will see: we will reshape your problem into a rich source of solutions.

Workshops and interviews

No better feeling than the personal feeling: everyone wants to be seen and heard as an individual. When the personal touch is there, both students and teachers will learn more greedily.

We use tailor made workshops and interviews to add the personal touch to your organisation, so that students and teachers will perform better. And as a side effect, you will hear what’s going on in your organisation from a different and usually very fruitful perspective.

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